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>> Industry - Material Handling
Sector Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels Tenders Tender Value Rs. 4.54 Million approx. / 45.41 Lakh approx.
Location Sikkim Tenders Ref.No 32387102
Closing Date 12 - Dec - 2018  |  573 Days ago View
Conveyor Works ~ for Installation and Commissioning of Automatic Electronic Valve Leak and Oring Leak Detector, Valve Change Without Evacuation Unit and Other Allied Mechanical and Civil Works at Bp.
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 1.28 Lakh approx.
Location Sikkim Tenders Ref.No 30887666
Closing Date 03 - Oct - 2018  |  643 Days ago View
Supply of Spares Items For 500Kva Kirloskar Make Diesel Generator Sets - Lub Oil Filter Cartridge, ( Kv0., Fuel Filter Assembly(Glass, Type) 500/600 Kva,, Kv0., Fuel Pre Filter Assly, (Kv2.506.20.0.00), V- Belt For Fan Pully(Ax52), (Kv0., V Belt 400/500/600kva For Fan, Drive(Kv0., V-Belt 400/500/600 Kva (Water, Pump)(Kv0. 056. 30. 0.00 00), Magnetic Pickup 16x1.5, Threding(Unitech Make) For, 250kva(F6.741.07.0.00), Seal:Oil(Front)(Kv0., ), Seal:Oil(Rear)(Kv0., K Oil Premium 210 Litres, Barrel(, Engine Control Unit, (Ems907)(2h.865.51.0.00), Gasket Cylinder Head, Cover(Kv0., Gasket Seal, Holder(Kv0., Gasket Fly Wheel, Housing(Kv0., Gasket Fly Wheel, Housing(Kv0., Anti Vibration Mount 80, Shore Rr 400 Crs, 147.5mm(Core Rubber, Make)(Kv8.500.04.0.00), Relay Board 2.5 Chanel Ul, Make 40amp Capacity 24v Dc, Koel Kare Genuine Coolent, Premix 26 Litres (
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 1.71 Million approx. / 17.12 Lakh approx.
Location Sikkim Tenders Ref.No 31229787
Closing Date 18 - Sep - 2018  |  658 Days ago View
Supply of Spares - Oil Filter T6 (Part No. 89675429) Make: Gardener Denver, Intake Filter Element (Part No. Y30080/fe) Make: Gardener Denver, Bearer Ring (Part No. Y50823) Make: Gardener Denver, Compression Ring (Taper Faced) (Part No. Y13273) Make: Gardener Denver, Slotted Ring (Part No. Y11151) Make: Gardener Denver, Compression Ring (Part No. Y50534) Make: Gardener Denver, Piston Ring (Part No. Y23222) Make: Gardener Denver, Suction Valve-2nd Stage (Part No. Y34788) Make: Gardener Denver, Delevery Valve-2nd Stage (Part No. Y34789) Make: Gardener Denver, Concentric Valve Type 30r 54c (Part No. Y30111) Make: Gardener Denver, Flanged Main Bearing (Part No. Y31026) Make: Gardener Denver, Main Bearing Dowel (Part No. Y38244) Make: Gardener Denver, Gasket Kit W70h-al (Part No. Y50874) Make: Gardener Denver, Filter Cannister-spares Use (Part No. Y30048) Make: Gardener Denver, Oil Suction Strainer (Part No. 15342) Make: Gardener Denver, O Ring 34.5x3.0 (Part No. Y30312) Make: Gardener Denver, O' Ring (Part No. Y38243) Make: Gardener Denver, Ptfe Lip Seal (Part No. Cc1005997) Make: Gardener Denver, Ptfe Rotary Shaft Seal 70x10 (Part No. Y37665) Make: Gardener Denver, Shell Bearing (Supplied & Stoc) (Part No. Y50155) Make: Gardener Denver, Bearing, Needle Roller 1"X1.5 (Part No. 42567) Make: Gardener Denver, O Ring 1.5/16"X1/8" (Part No. Y38110) Make: Gardener Denver, Soc Piston Ring (Part No. Y50535) Make: Gardener Denver, Delevery Valve Spring (Part No. Y16411) Make: Gardener Denver, Delevery Valve Disc Type 12a (Part No. Y16413) Make: Gardener Denver, Valve Seat (Part No. Y16391) Make: Gardener Denver, Seal, Corrugated Valve Seat (Part No. Y25045) Make: Gardener Denver, Suc Valve Spring (Part No. Y16415) Make: Gardener Denver, Suction Valve Plate (Part No. Y16414) Make: Gardener Denver, Oil Separator Element T6 (Part No. Cc1140542) Make: Gardener Denver, Air Filter Element (Part No. 81166609) Make: Gardener Denver, Repair Kit Inlet F1 Neg (Part No. 89555209) Make: Gardener Denver, Repair Kit Fx Disch.valve (Part No. 89555599) Make: Gardener Denver, V-belt Xpb 1400 Gates, Toothed (Part No. 88026399) Make: Gardener Denver, O-ring 119,5x3 Viton 6386790 (Part No. 85387979) Make: Gardener Denver, Pressure Reducer, Model:w70h-al (Part No. Y50138) Make: Gardener Denver for H.p. And L.p. Compressors for Teesta-v Power Station.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value Rs. 6 Million / 60 Lakh
Location Sikkim Tenders Ref.No 27579711
Closing Date 19 - Feb - 2018  |  869 Days ago View
Supply of M.S Rod 25,40,,45,60,100mm, M.S Flat 50*60,50*10mm, M.S Flat 60*10,75*10,100*10, M.S Square 50mm, M.S Sheet 8*4 2mm Dia, M.S Pipe 500mm, G.I Sheet 22 Gauge 24,Guage And 26 Guage, M.S Angle Iron 35*35*5,50*50*6, M.S Pipe 35mm, C.I Bock All Size, Welding Cable 350 Amp., Welding Cable Lux 350 Amp., M.S Electrode 4mm, M.S Electrode 3.15mm, M.S C.C Rod 1.5 Mm, M.S C.C Rod 3 Mm, Bridging Flux, Bridging Rod Copper, Emery Paper 0 No. 80 No. 60no. & 100 No., Emery Cloth 0 No. 80 No. 60no. & 100 No., Painting Brush 2 Inch & 4 Inch, Hacksaw Blade 12*1/2, Power Hacksaw Blade 14*1 Inch, C.I Electrode , Copper Flux, Cobalt Tool Bit 6*V 2inch, Cobalt Tool Bit 6*1inch, Cobalt Tool Bit 6* 5/8inch, Cobalt Tool Bit 6*3/8inch, Cobalt Tool Bit 6*3/4inch, High Speed Steel 1//2*1/2,5/8*5/8,1*1 Inch Square, Flat Belt 2 Inch 4 Ply, Flat Belt 4 Inch 4 Ply, Flat Belt 3 Inch 4 Ply, Grinding Wheel 300*25 Mm, Grinding Wheel 200*25 Mm, V – Belt A-48 A-5, V – Belt A-75a-75, V – Belt A-75 A-45, V – Belt A-29 A-42, V – Belt A-65 A-69, V – Belt A-68 A-75, V – Belt A-95 A-78, File Handle 5 Inch Plastic, Cotton Waste Color, M.S Nut –bolt All Size, Pint Enameled Al Color , Wire Brush, Mobil Oil 40 No., Grease, Ply Wood 6*3, G.I 8no. , 10no. , 12 No , 16no., Aluminum 8no. , 16no., Cutting Compound, Gear Oil, Thinner, Spirit, P.V.C Pip ½ Inch & 1 Inch, Brush 1 Inch, Brush 2 Inch, Katila Wire, G.I Pipe ½ Inch, G.I Pipe ¾ Inch, G.I Pipe 1inch, Reducer ½*3/4 , G.I. T Y, ¾ Inch, G.I. Elbow ½ ,3/4 Inch, Cock Stop ½ ,3/4 Inch, G.I. Lock 65mm,75mm, G.L. Lock 75mm, Grass Seizer, Transformer Oi, Co2 Gas, Oxygen Gas, Nitrogen Gas, Acetylene Gas, Cylinder Opner Key, Old Dhoti Cotton, Transistor 188,148, Transistor 147,195, Transistor 157,158, Electrolytic Capacitor 2200 Mfd/25 V, Electrolytic Capacitor 1000 Mfd/25 V, Electrolytic Capacitor 200 Mfd/25 V, Electrolytic Capacitor 4.7 Mfd/160 V, Electrolytic Capacitor 1 Mfd/63 V, Electrolytic Capacitor 4.7 Mfd/63 V, Electronic Tuner, Tuner 12 Band, Zinner 9.1 V, Zinner 12 V, Driver Transformer, Transformer 6-0-6 V 500m.A.&750 Amp, Transformer 9-09 V 500m.A.&750 Amp, Transformer 9-09 V M.A. 750 Amp, Transformer 12-012 V 750 Amp, Transformer 12-0-12 V 1 Amp, Transformer 12-012 V 5 Amp, Transformer 1.5 To 12 V 2 Amp, Lplate, Ift Set With Capacitor, Diode Oa -79, Diode 54 06-8, Ic 4440, Ic 3040, Ic 870, Araldite 100 Mi, Pcb General Purpose, Tv Kit B/W 36 Cm, Cabinet For B/W 36 Cm, Picture Tube For B/W 36 Cm, Diode In 4001, Feviquick 25 M, Carbon Resistance 1/4w Assorted Value, Paper Capacitor Assorted Value, Ac Bolt Meter 0-300v, Soldering Element 35 W , Soldering Element 10w , Battery Eliminator Box, Toggle Switch, Rotary Type Votage Seector Switch 1pell Way, Picture Tube Color 51 Cm.Flat, Assembled Tv Kit With Smps & Remote Control Color 51 Cm. Stereo, Tv Cabinet 51 Cm. Flat, Speaker As Cabinet, Spst Switch, Dpdt Switch, Dry Battery 6 Bolt, Dry Battery 9 Bolt, Cd Player Card With Remote, Dvd Player Card With Remote, Cd Player Audio Plate 50+50 W, Fm Audio Player With Gana, Assembled Invertors Plate 850 Va, Invertors Transformer 870 Va , Invertors Cabinet, Main Lead 3 Core, Auto Cut Plate For 3 Realy, Cabinet Auto Cut Stabilizer 1 Kva, Auto Transformer 250 Va Rating 9 To 250 V, Cd Player Audio Lead, Retary Switch 1 P 7 Way, Tape Motor 12 Vccw, 12v Battery For Fm Radio, 6 V Battery For Emergency Light, Cd Drive Cleaning Kit, Dot Matrix Printer Ribbon With Frame, Printer Catridge (36a) 1505, Cd Blanck, Dvd Blanck, Color Printer (laser Cartridge ), Pen Driver 4 Gb, Pen Driver 8 Gb, Pen Driver 16 Gb, Battery 25 Plate 12 Volt, Inverter 600va, Inverter 800va, Inverter 1500va, Battery Tubler 12 V, Dth Antenna, Dth Receiver With Remote, Lnb – 1 For Dth, Dth Cabil, Solder Wire 60/40, Recharge Cell 1.5 V, Pencil Cell, Intermediate Switch, Transistor Bu 205, Electrolytic Capacitor 3300 Uf 25v/50v, Electrolytic Capacitor 47 Uf 25v/50v, Zener Diode 18v, Ic 555, Realy 06v,09v& 12v, Feeder Wire (diss Wire ), Main Lead, Transistor 2 N 3055, Cfl Without Chock 09 V & 11 V Emergency Light , Soler Light Fiting With Battery With Instralation, Dongry Cloth, Multi Stand Copper Wire .75mm 91.44 Meter, Multi Stand Copper Wire .1mm 91.44 Meter, Multi Stand Copper Wire .1.5mm 91.44 Meter, Multi Stand Copper Wire .2.5mm 91.44 Meter, Multi Stand Copper Wire .4mm 91.44 Meter, Multi Stand Copper Wire .6mm 91.44 Meter, Pvc Aluminum Wire 1.5 Mm, Pvc Aluminum Wire 2.5 Mm, Pvc Aluminum Wire 4 Mm, Pvc Aluminum Wire 6 Mm, Aluminum Cable 2 Core 6mm Square, Aluminum Cable 10 Core 2mm Square, Ictp Main Switch 16 Amp 415v, Ictp Main Switch 32 Amp 415v, Ictp Main Switch 63 Amp 415v, Ictp Main Switch 100 Amp 415v, Kit Kat Fuse 16 Amp, Kit Kat Fuse 32amp, Kit Kat Fuse 63 Amp, Kit Kat Fuse 100 Amp, Kit Kat Fuse200amp, Pvc Pipe 20mm, Pvc Pipe 20mm,25mm, Cashing Capping 25 Mm, Cashing Capping 20 Mm, Pvc Junction Box 20 Mm, Pvc Band T-Elbow 20 Mm
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